Natural Living Expo Workshop Descriptions

You can choose from 56 Workshops at the Expo. You can attend as many as 8, 50-minute workshops, all included in the low cost ($10 with coupon) of admission. There is no pre-registration, just show up and enjoy. Each listing shows Time, Title, Speaker and Room Name. At the end of the description is the booth number of the speaker.

10:30 AM

Being An Empath....Why Do I Feel EVERYTHING?
Eileen Strange
This workshop would be geared to people who "feel their world" and perhaps don't understand how different that is from most other people. While I would be giving a "workshop", I would also like to do a galley reading to show how "feeling and intuition" work together and how it can be a "gift"!!!! 

Renew Your C.O.R.E. with Trauma Healing
Michele Solloway
Learn how trauma is held in the body, how trauma affects the nervous system and our experience of life and others, and why it is essential to address trauma. Learn how early childhood trauma is linked to chronic health issues, early death, and poor outcomes. Learn and experience how somatic experiencing, body and energy work can facilitate healing trauma. We will discuss services offered by “Renew Your C.O.R.E.” and provide a short demo of the work, followed by Q&A. #23

Ascension & Light Code Activation
Melissa Feick

Join Melissa Feick in a high vibrational environment to activate your DNA light codes and excel your Ascension Process. This activation and alignment will upgrade your vibration and connect you to higher dimensions. #101

Hypnosis for Purpose and Creativity 
Courtney D. Starkey, M.Ed., CHt
Falls Church
This hypnosis session helps attendees connect deeply to their purpose/creativity as well as reveals Universal guidance for accelerating the joyous achievement of both. Courtney expertly utilizes methods learned during her training with Weiss/Newton/Cannon. Arrive early—the doors close once the hypnosis begins. #56

Owning Your Unique Self
Cynthia Battino
We are all beautifully unique, yet we constantly compare ourselves to others. We all have the answers we need inside of us, yet we constantly try to find answers and our value from outside ourselves. What would it be like to embrace all of your unique bouquet of gifts, talents, quirks, character traits and moral fiber? What would it be like to turn the old stories of judgments and see them as your most valuable gifts? Come to this workshop and learn to
own your unique self. #20

Using Stones to Clear & Shift Negative E-motions
Rosie Stars
Positive energy is our greatest tool for creating the life we want, but we often get stuck in spirals of negative past experience. Learn how to use stones to raise vibration, release e-motions and experience a group energy clearing/reset. #5

The Significance of This Moment in the History of Our Planet
Sheida Kourangi
As the world spirals down into ever increasing crises, how can the World Teacher, Maitreya, the Masters of Wisdom and the Space Brothers help us in forging a new destiny for our planet? And how can we serve the world in need and speed up our own spiritual progress at the same time? #2

11:30 AM

Multidimensional Healing Workshop
Grace Miazza, MSEd, BSEE, BS Physics
Grace will discuss and demonstrate spiritual energy healing. Attendees will become active participants in deepening their grounding and exploring their own potential. Volunteers may be selected from the audience to demonstrate the concepts discussed. #6

Meditation with Angels and Auras
Mara Berman
Meet your angels and spiritual guides in this experiential meditation. Learn aura cleansing and spiritual blessings. Experience the comfort of nourishing white light and twelve dimensional rings infused with light splashing down on your aura. Mara has been a psychic for over 15 years. #95

Spirit Communication 101
Uma Alexandra Beepat
Uma is a well-known spirit communicator and the owner of Lotus Wellness Center in Manassas. Join Uma as she describes the different types of spirit communication, the clairs and how the Spirit realm interact with us. Time includes a beginner spirit exercise and Q&A into your own experiences with the other side. #74

The Aquarian Evolution of Mediumship 
Rev. Brian C. Funk
Falls Church
Join Arlington Metaphysical Chapel Pastor Rev. Brian Funk for this mind blowing discussion! As we are feeling the “shift” that has taken place during the transition from the Piscean to the Aquarian Age, many new and exciting aspects of our Spirituality are evolving. We no longer “see” things the same way we used to and we are feeling the urge to “shift” into doing what our soul is here to do. Come and learn about the next stage in our unfoldment as we uncover the effects of this new energy. Learn about the evolution of Mediumship in a new age where
everyone can develop his or her Spirit connection. Messages of encouragement, healing, and metaphysical insight will be given at the conclusion. #61

From Feardom to Freedom: LIFE Journey of the Soul
Jim Phillips
There is no right or wrong path; there is your path. Seldom will you hear such freeing words. Seldom will you experience such fear. We are all on this journey individually and collectively. Learn what it is and how to consciously navigate it. #64

Internal Cleansing to Detoxify Your Mind, Body & Spirit
Titi Sibajene, Holistic Attorney & Nutritional Consultant
Did you know the average person has 5-20 pounds of toxic waste matter sitting in their colon? Come and learn powerful tools to cleanse and detoxify your mind, body & spirit, to get to your best you! Internal cleansing raises your spiritual vibration and offers a range of wellness benefits, including weight-loss, improved energy, gut health, and much more. #112

Accessing a Parallel Life
Joe Mancini
Every time you make a decision, all the other paths you might have taken actually get realized, but in parallel lives. This lecture/workshop gives participants a glimpse of one of the “paths not taken” and its relevance to the chosen life. #65

1:00 PM

Beyond The Veil
Jim & Sandy Young, Angel Talk TV/Radio Hosts
Washington Metro area’s high in demand speakers and internationally acclaimed psychics with over 10,000 professional readings since 1994. Experience why everyone year after year crowd the room as the audience asks questions on any subject: Passed Over Loved Ones, Romance, Career, Guides, Global Issues & more. #124

Angels, Ancestors and Guides: Meet Your Divine Support Team
Jamila White
You may be waiting for a "message" or "sign" from Spirit, but what if Spirit is actually waiting for you? Join Jamila, one of the nation's most fun, sought-after psychics and intuitive development teachers, and learn a fun, easy way to meet and communicate with your own angels, ancestors, and guides. #54

What is Nutrition Response Testing?
Dr. Katie Thompson
How does it work? What are the possible barriers or stressors that can prevent whole body healing? Is it possible to restore my health naturally? Dr. Katie will demonstrate how she uncovers nutritional deficiencies and health issues. #96

Modern Meditation in the Workplace
Tom Valone, PhD
Falls Church
In this one-hour training seminar, learn how to meditate easily and quickly with a simple 4-step technique. Preserving the essence of an ancient practice, Modern Meditation is being offered free of charge. Studies show that daily meditation provides stress reduction, brain longevity, increased youthfulness, a peaceful state of mind and amazingly, a “reversal of the usual cortical thinning that occurs with age.” #53

Past Lives ~ Future Loves
Joanne Selinske
Time and again we incarnate with the same souls. Love is both the glue and foundation of these relationships and the learning, lessons and healing they are designed to accomplish. Come to better understand relationships that perplex or defy fixing, and perhaps laugh at the brilliance-madness behind the plan you crafted for this lifetime. #85

The Reconnection: Explore the New Frequencies of Healing
Joan Fowler
Why are prominent doctors and medical researchers all over the world interested in the extraordinary healings afforded by Reconnective Healing? Find out in this engaging presentation. #89

Learn How To Live Toxic-Free Using Essential Oils
Dr. Venus Seleme
Learn the best ways to support healthy body detoxification, healthy inflammatory responses to pain, and maintain optimal immune system function using therapeutic grade Essential Oils. The how’s and why’s to Essential Oils. Come get your Essential Oil frequently asked questions answered. Receive DIY Essential Oil recipes for nontoxic home and beauty products. #115

2:00 PM

Andean Shamanism
Paul Sivert
Join us for a workshop introducing the cosmology of the Medicine People of South America. Learn about energy medicine and healing. Participants will have the opportunity to experience a shamanic journey. #121

An Introduction to Spiritual Tarot
Geraldine Amaral
Please join author/
Pathways columnist Rev. Geraldine Amaral to explore the Tarot cards for spiritual self-knowledge. If you want your "fortune" told, this class is probably not for you. Use the cards to uncover your unconscious patterns to create your destiny and illuminate your spiritual path. Learn how to put the power back into your own hands! **Each participant will receive a spiritual message card to keep!** #3

Connecting with Your Loved Ones with Messages From Spirit
Carlos The Medium
Your loved ones in Spirit are always with you. Learn how to recognize the signs and means for communication. Spirit works in amazing ways to send you a message. Concluding the workshop with a demonstration of mediumship. #12

Ageless Health
Dr. Tom Roselle
Falls Church
Learn to create boundless energy and optimal health that will last throughout your lifetime. It is possible and Dr. Tom Roselle, a natural health expert, author, & radio talk show host will help you discover the truth in achieving this state of well being. #98

Playing with Energy: An Experiential Workshop
Serge Rascle & Penny Chang
Come join us in a delightful play of energy and movement. Learn to sense your own energy and how it flows. Using exercises to ignite our innate intuitive skills, we will explore the anatomy of the human energy field and how we can learn to perceive it. #97

Essential Oils 101
Colleen McCartney
Essential Oils 101: Come experience doTERRA! In this intro session we will collect health concerns from the group, and cover how to use the oils for your needs. You will experience 10 different essential oils! You don’t have to buy anything, but we will have some specials just for those who attend the class. We will also have a raffle at the end of the class so make sure you plan to stay until the end! #71

Your Spirit Guides Are Calling…Can You Hear Them?
Linnea March
Linnea March will guide you through an amazing meditation to meet one or more of your spirit guides. Learn to reach out with your mind, heart and soul to see, hear and feel your guides! #87

3:00 PM

Auras Can Tell You THAT?
Isabella Cates
Auras contain such practical info. Learn about 10 different kinds. Online dating! Buying flowers that won’t droop! Spotting liars! Do you read auras already? Find more ways to use it. No skills yet? Get inspired to learn, because you can.
Isabella Cates is an Instructor and Practitioner of Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES). #123
Finding Your Life Purpose Through Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, Healing & Trance
Melissa Kitto, Richard Lassiter & Neal Krysinski
Experience your four psychic avenues of communication and develop these gifts so you can trust your intuitive sensitivity, find your purpose and gain more fulfillment from life. Experience the Real You—Energy and Light. Feel your limitless vibration as you astral travel to the universe for healing. Feel closer to your guardian angels. #108

Sleeping Well with Ayurveda
Uday Gupta
Are you losing sleep due to stress and anxiety? Attend this workshop to understand the cause and discover herbal remedies based on Ayurveda principles. Ayurveda is an ancient healing science filled with secrets to achieve good health using natural herbs. #73

Mindfulness for Self-Healing
Mindfulness Center Staff
Falls Church
Learn mindfulness practices that cultivate resilience and well-being! Using the senses, mindfulness and guided imagery, learn practices that increase the effectiveness of positive affirmations. These practices empower individuals to play a proactive role in improving their overall health and happiness. #78

Awakening to Your Spiritual Greatness
Members of ECKANKAR
Tantalizing clues to our spiritual greatness abound, but what puzzle do they ultimately solve? How can our study of past lives, dreams, and conscious living reveal the Inner beauty and power that is our true self, Soul? #104

Beyond Life Between Lives (BLBL)
Matthew Tolford
BLBL: Introduction to a Quantum Metaphysical Perspective begins with a baseline of how to view information about Life Between Lives and explores a metaphor for "What is" allowing us to make sense of many things unseen, yet experienced by many. #80

Journey to Your Soul's Home
Suzanne Hanger
Through a lively, interactive session, participants will leave with a clearer understanding of their soul's purpose, a knowledge of the unique elements required for their Soul's Home
℠, and inspiration to make the house they live in their Soul's Home. #83

4:00 PM

Spirit Speaks on Prosperity
Rev. Jim Webb
Back by popular demand! The Masters, channeled by Rev. Jim Webb, are a group of highly evolved beings who provide wisdom, insight, predictions and a powerful healing energy to those who attend. Including guidance on Past Lives and Manifestion, and answers to your personal questions. #4

Energy Clearing for Home or Office
Mara Benner
Join us to learn how to have your home or office reflect your personal goals and dreamsn! Explore how to detect if your home or office would benefit from an energetic space clearing. In this interactive session, you will learn how to notice counterproductive energies in any room or space. Once identified, the session will explore techniques to clear the space. The next step is to have that room or space support your personal dreams and passions. Learn how to set an intention for the area and to maintain it. One lucky attendee will win an energy clearing consultation! Must be present to win. #79

Auras – Chakras – Elements – Earth & Godverse 
Ingrid Jolly
Rev. Ingrid Jolly: It is more important than ever to know how to be a “powerful force of liberation” serving Evolution from within the inner self as a Lightworker and Lightliberator and connect to the elements and Nature. #127

The Awakening - Methods to Develop Your Psychic Abilities 
Gena Wilson, LCSW
Falls Church
This seminar will assist you on your path to developing or increasing your abilities. #19

Angels Watching Over Us, According to the Teachings of The Urantia Book
The Urantia Book Fellowship Interfaith Committee
An overview of the Ministering Spirits of Our Local Universe, Angelic Natures, Seraphic Training and Organization, the Universe Mother Spirit, our relationship with our Seraphic Guardians and how they serve us, and the work of the Master Seraphim of Planetary Supervision and the Reserve Corps of Destiny. #17

Mantra Meditation Workshop
ISKCON Spiritual Center Staff
The ancient texts of the Vedas describe mantra meditation as the perfect cleanse for the mind. It washes away all the toxins (like stress, anxiety) from our consciousness and uplifts it to a spiritual platform from where we can see the world and interact with it in a spiritual and compassionate way. In this workshop, you'll learn what Mantra meditation is, its history and benefits, and how to apply it in your life. #34

Holistic Dentistry Impacts Your Life
Dr. Jada Daniel
Understand the connection between Holistic Health and Dentistry in determining ways of preventing disease and dysfunction through treatment by a Holistic Dentist. Discover the importance of good oral health care and its life-long effects on your overall health and well-being. #114

5:00 PM

Between Two Worlds
Allyson and Adele: Psy-dentical Twins
What is it like for psychic twins bridging the two worlds of Spirit and Earth? Seen on television and Internet radio, the twins talk about their book,
Between Two Worlds. Witness demonstrations of spirit communication between the physical and astral worlds to reunite family, friends, and loved ones. #122

Classic Chinese Music & Holistic Health
Lisa Fan
Classic Chinese music features Pentatonic that correlates with the five elements of life (Medal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth). Please come to find out how classic Chinese music help people to be in harmony with nature, and gain holistic health. #84

Speaking With Spirit
Rev. Sally Knuckles
We all have the ability to communicate with those in Spirit. It is a matter of exercising skills of "listening" and/or "seeing". Learn how to pay attention to Spirit's communications and how to interpret what you receive. Is it Spirit or is it you?? #10

Got Cellular Health?
Joseph Christadore
Falls Church
Redox Signaling Molecules (RSM) decline as much as 90% over the span of a life from aging, stress, environment, and poor diets. RSM is foundational to cellular health and healing and is involved in virtually every major body system and function. Learn how RSM can help your body’s cells perform at its peak optimal efficiency and improve your health. #69

Who Are You? Finding the "WHOLE" U
Dr. Stéphane Provencher
How would people react if you exposed your true self? Does anyone know the real U? Lift your mask to allow your Soul to be awakened. We attract people that metaphysically mirrors; empower changes to regain the "WHOLE" U. What if you could have 1 more tool to empower your life! #102

DreamBuilder Vision Workshop
Patrick Donovan
There are no short cuts to success. Yet, with the proper tools and resources you can accelerate your success, so that you achieve your goals and realize your dreams in far less time than you could have on your own. #24

Introduction to Theta Healing and DNA Activations 
Rebecca Norris
Rebecca will be introducing Theta Healing and demonstrating healings in this workshop. Everyone will be guided into a theta healing mediation and given downloads in this workshop. This technique has been successful in releasing physical trauma, emotional trauma and irrational fears and beliefs. #66

6:00 PM

Manifesting with Your Angels and Trusting Your Vibes
Susan Lynne
This informative workshop will show you how to manifest, contact and communicate with your Angels. You will learn to trust your vibes and listen for the messages that are being sent to you. Discover the best ways to communicate with your Angels. Guided meditations will be included. #16

We Are All Healers
Geoffrey Morell 
An acclaimed energy healer demonstrates his unique method of clearing the aura, pinpointing areas of disharmony in the body and applying energies to promote recovery and health. The spiritual, emotional and nutritional origins of health problems will be addressed. #29

Experience Tao Hands
STSH Staff
Message is the determining factor in all aspects of life, including health, relationships, emotions, finances, business and more. Join our workshop! Learn the universal interaction between message, energy and matter. Learn practical techniques to self-transform health, relationships, emotions, finances and more. Learn how Tao Hands Practitioner Service can enhance the results of your practice. Coupons for discounted Tao Hands Practitioner Service are available at the Love, Peace and Harmony booth and at this workshop. Follow the link in the booth description to register prior to the Expo for a free demonstration of the service, limited number available. #47

Why Joy Works 
Alix Moore
Falls Church
Want to create an abundant, amazing life? It’s easier than you think. Join Alix Moore and the Archangels for a journey into the power of joy, and learn how simply having more fun can change your health, wealth, and relationships! #9

Two Secrets for More Energy
Dina Weiss
Want more energy?! In this interactive session, you will discover two secrets for amping up your energy and vitality, and how to easily apply these tips to your life now. These are also secrets for releasing weight and healthy aging. #50

What Hat Does Your Soul Wear?
Lisa Moulden
With my Paranormal Psychological Analysis, I see the true nature of any Soul. Is the Soul good or evil? Is the person in sync with their Soul? What messages does the Soul have? Discover the secrets of this unique reading. #44

How to Energetically Connect to Your Crystals

Shelly Norris
I am a teacher, a storyteller and healer. Crystals are a high frequency tool we can all resonate with and use to manifest
all of our passions! I empower people to use their own intuition to harness the frequency of a crystal to support their mind, body and spirit to fly. How I use a crystal and how you use a crystal can have vastly different outcomes and this is my gift to you—to show you how to use the frequency for yourself. #107

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